Sunday, November 9, 2008


With most people focusing on the right dress, many forget one of the most important accessories needed to set the wedding dress off, this being the head wear. On many occasions I have seen beautiful brides in gorgeous dresses, but their choice of head wear really didnt do justice to the dress.

Luckily for us, there are many different options for headwear that are unique and also very stunning, compared to that of the normal veil. Lets look at a few of these options.


If you have decided that you and your partner would like a gothic wedding here are a few options for you to look at. makes beautiful custom gothic tophats, in which you can help design the perfect top hat to compliment your wedding dress. gives an idea for what a min black top hat can look like great instear of a veil, as you can always attatch to the the hat a mini veil .


Circlets are a beautiufl adornment that can fit in with any style of wedding, circlets sit neatly over the top of the crown f the head and are normally decorated with gems and symbols. sell some beautiful designs that be mixed and matched for brides and brides maids. sells some gorgeous match collection jewellery , for those brides that want a whole set instead of mix and matching. Very fantasy based but would suit any wedding bride weather gothic, pagan or alternative. Sells more traditional medaevil style circlets with many pagan symbols, perfect for the pagan bride.


For the more natural option, especially in pagan weddings nothing beats a beautifullly made hair wreath. makes some really nice hand made wreathes especially for brides and bridesmaids/ flower girls. At you can contact the owner and custom make wreathes to suit you wedding theme/dress. Also, another really gd site to look at is for the bride who wants to same some money, this is a comprehensive guide to making your own hair wreaths.

Whatever you choose for your head gear, make sure that suits and works with your wedding dress. There are so many different styles and alternative looks out there to try so have a look around before just settling down for the traditional veil.

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